Welcome to Poti Internationa festival of Regional Theatres. 


The idea of creating regional theatres festival was born a few years ago, but it took quite a long time to implement it. I am very pleased that the Cultural_educational Fund "DGES"played a major role in this process. I am grateful to all the people who realized the importance of this idea and did everything in order to the firs time in Georgia, in Poti, an international festival of regional theatres would be held.

I congratulate you on the establishment of the new festival. I want to wish all the best for this festival and let it pleases the spectators and fans. 

Nineli Chankvetadze

Art director of the festival

Festival 2018

21 JULY 20:00 Maltakva Beach  Orzu Arts Theatre Company London / UK Artistic Director: Yuldosh Juraboev Seneka, Evripid, H. Mueller &ldquo


01 January, 1970

Yossi Schiffmann

  מאת: יוסי שיפמן יאקיש ופופצ'ה, הגרסה הגיאורגית  

01 January, 1970

ქართული თეატრი ფოთის ფესტივალის რაკურსით @ლაშა ჩხარტიშვილი, თეატრმცოდნე @ირინა აბჟანდაძ

01 January, 1970
Bekar Jumutia
Cultural-Educational fund “DGES” Chairman Organizer of the Festival

Shio Abrakhamia
Administrator, Events Manager