Aleksandre (David) Kokrashvili

P R E M I E R E 



Duration 1: 30

Directed by: David AndguladzeK. Marjanishvili and S. Akhmeteli prize winnerAssistant

Directors: Giorgi Trapaidze,Tornike ChekurishviliMusical

Arrangement: David Andguladze,Nato EsakiaProject

Manager: Ana Kvinikadze


Woman - Nineli Chankvetadze /Honored Artist of Georgia, M. Tumanishvili’s cinema Actors Thetre/, Man - David Roinishvili /L.Meskhishvili prize winner, Kutaisi State Professional Drama Theatre after named L. Meskhishvili/, Besiko - Zaza Tagoshvili / RustaviMunicipal Drama Theatre after named G. Lortkipanidze, “Iron Theatre”/, Irakli Samushia /Zugdidi State Professional Drama Theatre afternamed Sh. Dadiani/ Spectator – Nato Esakia


There might occur an instance when you feel the absurdity of your existential. And if you still have any stamina, you strive to change instruggling with the life, you own self and the world around.The play raises existential problems. The characters are not in harmony either with their own inner world or the world around them. Theyfeel lonely and unprotected in the alien and hostile environment.How successful the characters are going to be while coping with their problems depends on their skills, personal talents and a bit of something else.




Duration 1 : 30

Mikheil Mosulishvili:


Directed by: Gega Kurtsikidze

Set Design: Giorgi Gogitidze

Musical Arrangement: Tamaz Imnadze

Artistic Director: Roin Surmanidze

Manager: Guram Abuladze


Chito – Ramaz Bolkvadze, Shoka – Tea Kamadadze, Sopo – Nino kartsivadze, Baxter – Ednar Bolkvadze, Toko – Lasha Abuladze,Mrs O’Sullivan – Makvala Meladze


The play was written in 2012 as a part of K. Marjanishvili theatre’s and UNIFEM’s joint workshop project “Violence against Women”; After tenyears of working abroad, Sopo returns home suddenly on the anniversary of her husband’s death and discovers an extraordinary situationat home. After discovering that her husband is not dead, but is happily married to Sopo’s best friend from school, she seeks revenge. Alsounexpectedly, Colonel Baxter from USA is helping Sopo in this (Sopo worked as a nurse for Baxter in USA). Tragic and comic situations occurin the play “My Mezholia”; against the background of the situation that is so characteristic of Georgian reality of the last decades.



Tskhinvali Professional State Drama Theatre named after Ivane Machabeli



Duration - 1 : 20

David Turashvili


mprovisations by David Turashvili’s Play

Directed by: Gocha Kapanadze

Set Design: Lomgul Murusidze, Ketevan Tsitsishvil

iMusical Arrangement: Nani Nemsitsveridze

Artistic Director: Gocha Kapanadze

Manager: Zaal Tediashvili


Vera Darsadze – Lela Makhniashvili, Elizbar Vachnadze – Vazha Tsitsiloshvili, Nino – Tinatin Kobaladze, Tamar – Ana Khurtsidze,Man from Kakheti – Mamuka Pavliashvili, Woman from Kakheti – Maka Geladze, Ketevan – Neli Salamadze, Elene – Tsiala Gigauri,Ana – Madona Tekhuri, Giorgi - Giorgi Revazishvili, Zhordania – Tamar Gogidze, Luka – Tsotne Metonidze, Jijikhia – DaliDoijashvili, Popkhadze – Lia Beriashvili, Gobechia – Mevlud Samadalashvili, Noe Chakhava – Ramaz Khomasuridze, Kemoklidze – Giorgi Mtavrishvili, Pkhakadze – Revaz Giorgobiani, Driver – Mamuka Tabatadze

1921 ... February ... The Red Army attacked the Democratic Republic of Georgia. Last train leaves from Tbilisi... the government has fled fromthe capital… everyone wants to leave the country… aristocracy ... intellectuals… members of various political parties and social classes.All are trying to climb in the train, but they do not know either where are they going or what kind of perils future holds for them... in thecompartment politicians and members of different parties constantly argue and blame each other for what has happened. Although eachof them has his own pain, truth and a completely different view of what happened, they share a common feeling – love of their homeland and faith that they will come back to it...



Zestaphoni Professional State Drama Theatre after Named Ushangi Chkeidze



Duration - 1 : 40

Tennessee Williams


Directed by: Nino Lipartiani

Set Design: Natia Beradze

Musical Arrangement: Nino Lipartiani

Artistic Director: Nino Lipartiani

Manager: Tea Maglakelidze


Serafina Delle Rose - Nino Abesadze, Alvaro - Giorgi Gloveli, Rosa Delle Rose - Nino Abesadze (Junior), Jack Hunter - TemurPirtskhalaishvili, Estella Hohengarten, Bessie - Nana Tskhvirashvili, Father De Leo - Badri Tabatadze, Flora, Peppina - SalomeDididze, Assunta - Nana Isiani, Miss Yorke - Marekh Abesadze

The action takes place in Louisiana, the Italian-American community. Truck driver Rosario Della Rosa is killed by the police while smuggling.His wife, Serafina, after the death of a beloved spouse is completely devastated, falls into depression, is no longer interested in anyoneor anything and treats her daughter – Rose selfishly, forcing her to stay at home. Rose is free spirited, mental limits are alien to her. Sheconfronts her mother and manages to escape from her. Serafina continues to “worship” and mourn her unfaithful husband, before shelearns about her husband’s relationship. Disappointed and offended Serafina meets a charming Italian driver, who reminds her of her deadhusband, he just like Rosario has a rose tattooed on his chest and his smell is slightly tinged with rose oil and so she falls in love with him.



Zugdidi Professional State Drama Theatre named after Shalva Dadiani



Duration - 1 : 15

David Kldiashvili


Dramatization and Directed by: Badri Tserediani

Set Design: Marika Korkelia

Choreographer: Giorgi Kobalia

Musical Arrangement: Badri Tserediani

Artistic Director: Badri Tserediani

Manager: Zurab Egutia


Zurab Lashkhia, Merab Kakalia, Mzevinar Chargazia, Marina Daraselia, Lasha Khizaneishvili, Rezo Jojua, Lika Demetradze,Lana Phiphia.

David Kldiashvili’s stories, reality marked with sadness and pain, have not lost its poignancy even after a century. Illiterate society, ignoranceand superstition - these are the perils that turn lives into living hell. This society is a victim to its own illiteracy; as a result they are dominatedby outdated traditions and in their defense atrocities are being committed. In this reality daughter-in- law confronts her mother-in-law,their ideology is radically different, and their reconciliation and compromise is completely out of question. Fearing the traditions no onedares to come between these two people. Combat takes the most severe form, nobody wins this battle, there cannot be a victor, onlymiserable families, father and son, two dead bodies and witch-hunting society remain. This kind of reality is still a part of our daily lives andhas not lost its relevance even hundred years later. The society that justifies violence is doomed for destruction, and those who justify andencourage violence fall victim to this violence themselves.