Hanoch Levin
“Yakish and Poupche”
Gloomy comedy with Childhood songs
Duration: 1:20
Author of Georgian version Director and Music by:David Sakvarelidze
Assistant director: Sveta Gogokhia
Cast:Yakish – Jano Izoria, Yakish’s Mother – Lili Khuriti, Yakish’s Father –Nika Tserediani, Poupche – Nino Shavgulidze, Poupche’s Mother– Nana Khuriti, Poupche’s Father – Dato Beradze, Leibech – PaataVakhtangishvili, Fortsedes – Badri Begalishvili, Turkvelt, MademoiselleShampinie – Sanata Dzadzamia
(The decoration consciously is not used in the Performance)
It is a gloomy comedy about ugly and poor Yakish who was matchedwith also ugly and poor Poupche. The story begins when their relativesdiscover that the two cannot consummate a divine commandmentfor mortals: “be fruitful and multiply”. The desperate couplestarts to seek for the way out. You will find out how the sufferings ofa miserable Yakish and poor Poupche end in David Sakvarelidze’snew performance: Yakish and Poupche.
Artistic Director: David Sakvarelidze

Nodar Dumbadze
Duration: 1:40
Dramatization Author and Directed by: Gizo Jordania
Set Design: Lomgul Murusidze
Choreographer: Marika Kvetaia
Music by: Gomar Sikharulidze, Goga Makharadze
Cast:Ephrosine – Bela Kikvadze; Ksenia – Shorena Gvetadze; Kikitia – Zaza Jincharadze; Nina- Tamar Mdinaradze; Nodari- Giorgi Dolidze; Rolandi– Genadi Nikolaishvili; Kamo – Levan Saghinadze; Dazmiri- Alexandre Lomidze; Aza- Tea Kechakmadze; Oksana – Ani Goderzishvili; Bohemian girls – Marika Kvetaia, Ninia Jijieshvili; Grisha – Vakhtang Chkhartishvili;Misha – Irakli Vadachkoria; Levarsi BereJiani – Omar Urushadze; Elisabedi – Zaira Totibadze; Gurian group members, Levarsis friends –Nugzar Baramidze, Jemal Kechakmadze, Temur Kvirkvelia; Bohemians retinue – Margarita Avakiani, Neli Basilashvili, Lia Martiashvili, IvaneChkhaidze, Veriko Khukhunaishvili, Mariam Khantadze, Nino Jugheli, Zviad Jorbedandze. In group scenes all actors
As the Bohemians have acted regarding the Gurians, it comes from theirstyle of life. They-handsome, charismatic, talented can`t act in differentway. The larceny and lie are the means of their existence. They`re createdby the god to be like this… The answer from Gurians regarding their betrayalis orthodox, Georgian in general coming from high moral.It isn`t accidental also that huge Galaktion dedicated genius cord to thisrare representatives of Georgian people. But Ozurgeti is a city and itsDramatic Theater is special unit, where creative life breathes with highideals.
Gizo Jordania
Artistic Director: Vasil Chigogidze
Manager: Zaza Jincharadze

Theatrical Association „nie ma”
Szczecin – Poland
Duration: 0:50
Directed by: Tatiany Malinowskiej-Tyszkiewicz
Design by: Krzysztof Stępień
Music by: Agness
Cast:Igor Krupczyński

Basa Janikashvili
Duration: 1:10
Directed by: David Mgebrishvili
Sed design: Tamar Okhikiani
Choreographer: Irina Kuprava
Cast:Giorgi Surmava, Jano Izoria, Guja Karaia, Gena Shonia, Nino Pachkoria,Fatima Abrakhamia
The action takes place in the prosecutor’s room. The decoration is fullof posters of various political parties, this locked space creates fear,which is in the prosecutor’s office, where a prosecutor, a judge, ajournalist and a common citizen commits a crime, or the crime thatthey have not committed yet.
Artistic Director: David Mgebrishvili
Manager: Tengiz Khukhia

„The suitcase and the lapdog”
Duration: 0:40
Author and Directed by: Albert Bigjohny
Cast:Mohammad reza maleki, Fahimeh Abedini, Aida KolahiIts
narrated by me from Chekhov’s “Lady and the lapdog” story. AnItalian man and a Russian lady met in Paris railways station cafe,they fall in love and....This is a lifestyle puppet show with more dances and songs.Brief information about the Theatre:Deemak theatre group working from 2007, founded in Tehran andwe had participate in many festivals in Iran and outside of Iran.

„Mama Yerma”
(Free adaptation of Fredrico Garcia Lorca’s Yerma)
Duration: 1:10
Playwright and Directed by: Farzin Nobarani
Music composer and sound designer: Ali Kalantari Mahtab Dahaghin, - singer, music group Kooshan Hashemifard -instrument player, music group, Mojde Afsari - translator, Sahar Jamali - light operator, Mehdi Hemmati - stage assistant, Soureh Ghadami - stage assistant.
Cast:Bita Azizoghli, Amir Farahani, Farzad Berahman, Abbas Alireza,Melina Ghadimi, Soheil Ghana’ati
 Mama Yerma is a free adoptation of Fredrico Garcia Lorca’s “Yerma”which we have a formalist point of view in the production anddirection. This surreal performance is based on Viktor Shklovsky’smethod and theories in “defamiliarization” and “formalism” as wellas Jerzy Growtowski’s theories in “poor theatre”. We combinedthese theories with Iranian “Parde Khaani” which is a performingmethod in which a prob can be used as different forms and functionalities.This performance is completely accompanied by live musicfor the sake of the atmosphere.Brief
information about the Theatre:Farzin Nobarani (founder and director of creative theatre company)is an actor and director of theatre since 2006 and has a Ms degreein theatre. His recent works are direction of “Mama Yerma” (2015)and “Papa Othello” (2016) “Mama Yerma” has been performed inHi-fest(2015) and LORI-fest(2016) in Armenia and won the specialaward for “best performing group” of the festival LORI-fest “PapaOthello” has also been performed in LORI-fest(2016). The director’smethod is mostly based on formalism theories and combining thosetheories with Iranian traditional methods in theatre.

Joshua Sobol
Duration: 1:50
Translator: Mamuka Butskhrikidze
Directed by: Mamuka Tsertsvadze
Set Design: Barbara Aslamazishvili
Music Director: Tea Tsereteli
Choreographer: Natia Metreveli
Cast:Amiran Naskidashvili (Srulik), Giorgi Chachanidze (Kittel), Gocha Abashidze (Gens), Archil Khvedelidze (Weiskopf), Sophio Letodiani(Hayyah), Anzor Tsabadze (doll), Guram Shukakidze (the Hasid),Ketevan Sharikadze (Honored Artist of Georgia – Vainer), Iuri Bitsadze(Gotlib), Roder Chachanidze (Honored Artist of Georgia –The judge), Guram Bregvadze (rabbi) Giorgi Bregvadze (Leibele),Sophiko Gogoladze (Yankel), Gela Modebadze (Geivish), Giorgi Mukmaniani (Elia), Shalva Khvedelidze (Dessler), Maka Tsutskiridze(woman), Tamaz Fanchulidze (Stark), Lela Vachnadze (Actress), Giorgi Kenchoshvili (policeman).
In 1942-43, there was an active theater in Vilnius ghetto. The firstperformance was held on January 18, 1941, 4 months after Vilniusbased Jew banishment in the ghetto. Theater operated only for 4months since the wave of total destruction was finished and morethan 50 000 Jews had been deceased out of the total 70 000 inVilnius. Establishment of the theater causes great excitement in theghetto. A journalist, a librarian and a member of the “Bundle”, HermanCrook, wrote in his diary on January 17, 1941, the slogan„one does not build theater at the Cemetery“.
Artistic Director: Mamuka Tsertsvadze
Manager: Nana Tsereteli

“Syndrome or Who Are You Singing to?!”
Based on Slawomir Mrozek
 Stage version author Andro Enukidze
Duration: 1:00
Directed by: Andro Enukidze
Set Design: Gogla Gogiberidze
Choreographer: Shalva Goguadze
Bandmaster: Temur Dolidze
Cast:Oculist – Tite Komakhidze , Granddad – Zaal Goguadze, Grandsons– Dato Jakeli, Mamuka Manjgaladze, Levan Tedoradze, Nurse– Marina Burduli
Artistic Director of the Batumi Drama Theatre, Andro Enukidze, hasdecided to stage a play by a world famous Polish dramatist SlawomirMrozek on the “New Stage”. Six characters – a granddad whocannot see, armed with a gun, three simpleton grandsons, oculistwith his nurse are going to act at a glance simple and funny collisions.Granddad and grandsons visit the oculist in order to find andkill a certain Karlo… Strange, much-revealing, cruel and somewhatfrantic story leads us towards complete personal destruction of onceintellectually living oculist. He becomes an informer and is revealedas an instrument
Artistic Director: Andro Enukidze
Manager: Otar Kalandadze

Vaclav Havel/Harold Pinter
II Act
Duration: 1:25
Directed by: Konstantine Abashidze
Set Design: Teo Kukhianidze
Musical arrangement: Konstantine Abashidze
Cast:Vanek, Nicolas – Davit Roinishvili; Sladek, Victor – Zviad Svanadze; Nicky, Gila – Elza Suladze.
The play dedicated to the memory of Vaclav Havel, whose devotedlife and work is exemplary for freedom, independence and democracy-loving nations.The play ‘’Audience” by Vaclav Havel, on which the play “DUPLET”was based (Director Kote Abashidze) is exactly the position whichcondemns violence, human rights abuse and affirms freedom as theway striving for progress and development, in the words of VaclavHavel: “Freedom is a value that is obtained at the expense of thevictim”.Precisely this is a main idea of the play and that is why it has beenchosen.
Artistic Director: Giorgi Sikharulidze
Manager: Sulkhan Gogolashvili

Kharkov, U K R A I N E 
Anna Yablonskaya
“Somewhere and Beyond”
Duration: 1:30
Directed by: Anna Onishenko, Konstantin Vasiukov
Music: Oleg Kadanov, Artion Diadenko aka Dяst, Vladimer Poniakarovsky
Light: Victoria Bronza
Sound: Aleksandra Stepanenko
Cast: Nadia – Daria Khalina, Misha – Danil Koltak, Tolik – Konstantin Vasiukov, Light(Voice) –Evgeni Glukhov
In winter you can see from the window that life ends so soon. Youcan’t see anything in summer. In summer the horizon is kept hidden bytrees. Absence of a view replaces hope. In autumn branches are bare,semi-transparent. The unknown horizon, as if made by a “C” grade receivinggod on an arts and crafts lesson. A jar full of ash and cigarettestubs – how long has it been here? About a year, maybe more. Maybe fifty years. These are the key words of my life – “Somewhere and Beyond”.
Brief Information about Theatre:Theater : “Publicist: was founded in 1983, as a free space for creativityand self-expression. The theater has participated in many festivals andhas been awarded many times.The theatre presents itself as a “Scenographer’s Theatre” and pays agreat deal of attention to the visual side of the performance. The lastworks – “Moby Dick” and “Somewhere and Beyond” are a good exampleof this - the stage, lighting and plastic movements bring a specialemotional message to the audience.We, the members of the theatre “Publicist”, call our association a “sect”,because we trust in what we do, as one journalist from Kharkiv said:“The “Publicist” is a “Hotel California”, easy to get in, but difficult to getout of.”

Otar Bagaturia
“In a Wine-jar”
Duration: 1:00
Directed by: Otar Bagaturia
Set Designer: Maia Skhirtladze
Musical Arrangement: Lekso Turiashvili
Choreographer: Bakar Khintibidze
Cast:Mother – Naira Geladze, Daughter – Natia SamaniSvili, Daughter– Tamta Abdaladze, Father, Faster- Revaz Bagashvili, Son, Faster-Beka Turmanidze, Fasters : Nikoloz Kvantaliani, Valerian Mandzulashvili,Rati Navadze, Kote Mzhavia.
The musical performance features songs from Georgian folklore(songs are performed live). Friends are having good time at an exoticrestaurant – “In a Wine-jar”. The restaurants run out of papernapkins and the owner brings them papers torn out of a book ... Itturns out that the pages are from Vakhushti Bagrationi’s historicalwork. “You read, gain intelligence and wipe your lips at the sametime...” Drunken friends start reading - lives of ancient Georgiansbecome alive ... how they struggled, worked, hunted and went backto wine-jar to drink! You can’t understand where they spent more timeworking, waging war, or drinking from a wine-jar?
Artistic Director: Kote Mzhavia
Manager: Jumber Kopaliani

Mikhail Bulgakov
“The Dog’s Heart”
II Act.
Duration 2:20
Dramatization Author, Director and Musical arrangement: MamukaTsertsvadze
Set Design: Barbara Aslamazisgvili
Cast:Preobrazhenski – Giorgi Gloveli, Bormental – Zurab Abesadze, Sharikov – Nikoloz Kobakhidze, Petrovna – Nino Abesadze, Zina– Nana Tskhvirashvili, Shvonder – Temur Kiknavelidze, Fiodor,Zharovkin – Temur Kveliashvili  Patient Woman – Marekh Abesadze, Piotor Aleksandrovich – Badri Tabatadze, Vasnecova – Nana Isiani, Niniko Abesadze , Vaizemski – Temur Pirtskhalaishvili
Moscow 1924, well-known surgeon Phillip Phillippovich Preobrazhenskyhappens to need a dog and lures the animal to his bighome annex practice with a piece of sausage. The dog is namedSharik and well taken care of by the doctor’s maids, but still wonderswhy he is there. He finds out too late he is needed as a test animal:the doctor implants a pituitary gland of a recently deceased alcoholiccand petty criminal Klim Chugunkin into Sharik. Sharik proceedsto become more and more human during the next days. Afterhis transition to human is complete, it turns out that he inherited allthe negative traits of the donor - bad manners, aggressiveness, use ofprofanity, heavy drinking - but still hates cats. He picks for himself theabsurd name Poligraf Poligrafovich Sharikov and associating withrevolutionaries. Eventually he turns the life in the professor’s houseinto a nightmare by stealing money, breaking his furniture, a waterballet during a cat chase and blackmailing into marriage a girl. Theprofessor with his assistant are then urged to reverse the procedure.Sharikov turns back into a dog. As Sharik he does remember littleabout what has happened to him but isn’t much concerned aboutthat. To his content he is left to live in the professor’s apartment.
Artistic Directror: Nino Lipartiani
Manager: Tea Maglakelidze

Brothers Grimm
“Town Musicians of Bremen”
Duration: 0:50
Author of version and Director: Goga Kachibaia
Set Design: Maia Skhirtladze
Choreographer: Bakar Khintibidze
Musical Arrangement: Nino Lezhava
Cast:Clown - Nino Lejava, King - Otar Beltadze, The princess - Mariam Kalatozishvili, Troubodour - Ilia Managadze, Don Key - Zurab Antelava, Rooseter - Tornike Beltadze, Dog - George gulua, Cat - Nino Javaxishvili, Girl I - Mariam Kobakhidze, Girl II – Adelina Goguadze, Servant I - Jaba Janashia, Servant II - Avtandil Gurgenidze
On 7 November in 2016 there was held another premiere of SukhumiYouth Theatre- the Brothers Grimm ,,Bremen Musicians” in NodarDumbadze State Theatre. This joyful and full of humor musical performancewas led by Nino Lezhava ,,Clown”. Enviable plastic cast commentson events, heroes of the stage and she is willing to get involvedin the action. Expresses sympathy towards the oppressed. Full of musicalnumbers and singing repertoire performance reveals the actors vocal orplastic data. The new interpretation of the popular fairy tale, directed byGoga Kachibaia presents modern man’s junk is considered a pragmaticman of domestic animals in the original revenge.Leonide Gulua-,,Yursha”(puppy),Zurab Antelava-,,donkey”,Nino Javakhishvili,, cat”,TornikeBeltadze-,,cock”formed by musical quartet,Irakli Managadze-,,troubadour”who is in love with King’s daughter, Is impact successfully on cowardand greedy king of Otar Beltadze.By the singer’s shocking voiceenchanted princess, becomes minded conspirators. Wheares funny performanceof the couple’s three-Irakli Managadze(troubadour) and MaryKalatozishvili(the king’s daughter) also the friends of princess( AdelinaGoguadze and Mariam kobakhidze)the king’s servants( Jaba Janashiaand Avtandil Gurgenidze) ends in marriage.
Artistic Director: Mikheil Ratiani
Manager: Nugzar Kurashvili

Duration: 1:20
Author of Dramatization and Directed by: Irena GvimradzeSet
Design: Nino Khartishvili
Cast:Mariami –Nino Kartsivadze; Father -Ramaz Bolkhvadze;Mather–Makhvala Meladze; School Director-Ednar Bolkhvadze; Boyfrend-Lasha Abuladze; Sandro –Levan abuladze; Angelina-Tea Khamadaze
Anti-Antigone is an adaptation of the Soviet play ‘Your Dream Essay’by a well-known georgian playwriter Alexander Chkhaidze. It is amodern version and a new production of the play combining suchgenres of the theatrical performance as are: realism, symbolism andepic drama. The main theme of the play looks at the most significantaspects of human relationships: family, education and the Society,focusing to express the modern, conventionalist society and theproblem of the individualism.
Artistic Director: Roin Surmanidze
Manager: Guram Abuladze

Mikheil Javakhishvili
II Act
Duration: 2:30
Improvisations according to “Kvachi Kvachantiradze” by Mikheil Javakhishvili
Directed by: Gocha Kapanadze
Set design: Lomgul murusidze
Choreographer: Nino Makhateli
Musical Arrangement: Gocha kapanadze, Dali Doijashvili
Cast: Kvachi – Tsotne Khubutia, Angel; Lady Harway- Tinatin Kobaladse,Devil - Tsitso Gigauri, Silibisrto - Vajha Tsitsiloshvili, Pupi – Dali Doijashvili, Khukhu – Mevlud Samadalashvili, Notio – Lia Beriashvili, Ashordia – Giorgi Mtavrishvili, Tsviri – Ana Khurtsidze, Beso – Tsotne Metonidze, Jalila – Revaz Giorgobiani, Sedraka – Teimuraz Dzodzenidze, Chipi –Ramaz Khomasuridze, Ladi – Levan Sabashvili, Gabo –Gogita Kokhreidze, Rasputin – Giorgi Revazishvili, Elene –Lela Makhniashvili, Vera - Madona Tekhuri, Rebeka Idelson – Tamar Gogidze, Isaka Idelson – Mamuka Pavliashvili, Volkova; Lokhtin’swidow– Maka Geladze
The performance begins with Kvachi Kvachantiradze’s birth. At thetime of Kvachi’s birth there appear his angel care taker and devilcalled Eshkha who always follow him. The first word of newbornKvachi “Me” has become the motto of his life: “Me, still me, just me,mine, for me, about me.” On the first day of his birth Eshkha said:“I have never heard such a baby’s cry. He only says “Me – Me”,nothing else and this means he will misappropriate the world”. That’swhat Kvachi’s life is dedicated how to seize other people’s moneyand treasures, others glory and honor.
Artistic Director: Gocha Kapanadze
Manager: Zaal Tediashvili

David Kldiashvili
“The Pigs of Bakula”
Author of Dramatizacion, Musical arrangement and Directed by: Kakha Gogidze
Set Design: Lela Peradze, Emil Gegenava
Choreographer: Mamuka Meskishvili
Cast:Galaktion Khosoliani-Elguja Nodaridze. Zenati-Galakton’s wife - EkaKogua. Pitia-15- 16 year old daughter - Mariam Mamulia. Kikilo- alittle boy -Dachi Gunia. Aleksandre (Shasha) Sharakadze – the interpraterof departmant-he is a relative of Zenati - Zurab ZurabaSvili. Vasil Inanich- the secret of department - Tengiz Tofuridze. A guestwoman -Tamar Abshilava. a priest - Levan Esebua. Peasnts of village3-4 person
Artistic Director: Irakli Adamia
Manager: Mamuka Barkaia

„Voice, silence, movement”
Duration: 0:50
Author and Directed by: Siavash Tayebtaher
Scenograph: Nina Khartishvili
Cast:Sana Mohammad poor falahan, Saman Zamani, Maryam Moghadam,Nadia Baledi, Foroogh Khosravi, Farkhonde Babapour,Mohtasham Chehrazi
This play is about Sam that is Antagonist in this play. He had a harddisease that he hear a psychic voice ; like voice of an old friend; thatbothers him and hale him to psychiatrist. for a while Sam don’t hearthat voice , but One day morning that he is preparing for going to hisjob, he realize a strange man in his home. After all he understandsthe psychic voice come to exactness.

Sandro Kakulia
“The Roof”
Duration: 1:30
Directed by: Nanuka Khuskivadze
Set design: Mirian Shvelidze
Composer: Misha Mdinaradze
Cast:Gigi – Beka Songulashvili, Mari – Manana Abramishvili, Eka – Salome Maisuradze, Shoti – Lasha Tsiplashvili, Oto – Lekso Tsinkverashvili-Razmadze, Koki – Ephrem Papunashvili, Gia – Zura Lomidze,Otos’s mother – Nino Kurtanidze, Gigi’s father – Giorgi Gelashvili
“The people start thinking before they come to die. But then they donot have time anymore and regret about it… And I will think as muchas I won’t regret about anything… We are different!” – these wordsbelong to the main character of the play – Gigi. For him the drug isnot only the way to escape from the reality and pleasure.Quite opposite, being under the influence of drugs is the conditionfor him, when he could dissociate himself from the world as if he islooking at it from the distance. And consequently the most importantthought comes at that time.More specifically, the character can be described as self lover, selfconfident and tragic man, who destroys everyone including hisfriends, wife etc. playfully and humorously, though he knows how itall would end. His main thought is: “you all loose me equally at thesame time”…
Artistic Director: Paata Guliashvili
Manager: Mikheil Daghundaridze

duardo de Filipo
Director and Musical arrangement by: Gega Kurtsikidze
Set Design: Marika Korkelia
Choreographer: Giorgi Kobalia
Cast:Pulchinela - Lasha Khizaneishvili, Rita – Tamar Abshilava, Rodolfo– Sese Mikava, Agostino Muskarielo - Zurab Lashkhia, Betina –Marina Daraselia, Antonio – Andro Shamugia, Atilio – Rezo JoJua, Mikele – Koba Matkava, Roberto - Gogi Guguchia.
“Cylinder” - Performance in performance: Due to the risk of not beingable to pay the rent and therefore, be evicted from the apartment,two pairs, young and old, will find a simple way to earn money.Young Rita from her balcony is trying to seduce men walking inthe street (offering money in exchange of intimate connection) tocome into house. The guests, after paying money, find Rita’s as ifpassed away husband in the bed and run away immediately. Themoney-earning scheme is working well until one of the client findsout the truth. After that, the disastrous bargain begins, which revealsand brings into the surface the human weaknesses and causes thedestruction of relationships.
Artistic Director: Badri Tserediani
Manager: Zurab Egutia

Moscow, R U S S I A
Fyodor Dostoyevsy
Duration: 1:30
Director, Scenographer & Sound Director: Dmitry Mishkin
Scenographer: Dmitry Maksimenkov
Light: Nikita Maltsev
Video: Vasili Karpov
Curator: Alisa Kosareva
Cast: Irina Mikheishina, Anton Pereverzev, Margarita Goloshhumova, Evgeni Belov

William Shakespeare
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
Non-Festival Show
Duration: 1:20
Director, Set and Costume Design, Music: Giorgi Chkhaidze
Cast:Lysander, Actor - Giorgi Arveladze, Hermia - Salome Tsaguria,Demetrius - Sulkhan Khakhutaishvili, Helena -Tea Tsintsadze, Titania,Hippolyta - Natalia Galogre, Oberon, Theseus, Actor- Mikheil Cheishvili, Egeus, Actor - Fridon Modebadze
Since the establishment of the Experimental Theatre, Shakespeare&”sbeautiful play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” was one of the mostspectacular performances of our Theatre, which was premiered inthe yard of Batumi Art State Teaching University, in 2015. The architectureof the building and its closed yard was making an atmosphereof the Shakespeare Globes Theater. The performance hasgotten many positive reviews of various Georgian and foreign critics.The performance is a bit eclectic and modern, but it’s beautifulcolors and costumes allow for the viewers to travel to Shakespeare’sfairy world.
Manager: Temur Makharadze
PR Manager: Salome Murvanidze

Harold Muller
“Quiet Night”
Duration: 1:10
Directed by: Giorgi Shalutashvili
Set Design: Lela Peradze
Music by: Ia Sakandelidze
Cast: Mother - Lia Sulluashvili Leo - Andria Vatiridze
the play is about story of mother of 5 children. They leaved her inalmshouses. All New Year mother is waiting her son to celebrateChristmas together in family but the son has just Self-interest aboutmother’s property. He sells in secret mother’s property and leaves herin almshouses
Artistic Director: Lia Suluashvili
Manager: Irakli Atunashvili

Timofey Ilievsky
Duration: 1:20
Directed by: Kakha Gogidze
Set Design: Lela Peradze
Costume Design: Nana Koranashvili
Choreographer: Tiko Koiava
Composer: Lia Kveselava
Cast:George Goguadze, Soso Mgaloblishvili, Sofi Mayer, Levan Jambrishvili,Tekla Marjanishvili, Amiran Qachibaia, Omar Grigalashvili,Shota Khanjaliashvili, Archil Makalatia, George Chochnidze,Nikoloz Kasradze, Natia Otinashvili, Sofi Drulev, Guram Mamulashvili,Iako Giguashvili
History repeats itself...When Julius Caesar was killed, killer shouted in whole voice “Sicsemper tyrannis” (Thus always to tyrants). The same happened withLincoln, when John Booth was obsessed by idea of justice. The Historykept many assassination and lots of voices “Sic semper tyrannis”.
Artistic Director: Soso Nemsadze
Manmager: Nikoloz Kvirikashvili