Ureki House of Culture

Telavi Vazha - Pshavela State professional Drama Theatre

Artistic Director: Paata Guliashvili

Director: Mikheil Daghundaridze

Ilia Chavchavadze

Is he a human this man?!


Author of adaptation: Gizo Jordania

Directed by: Levan Tsuladze

Stage Design: Levan Rostomashvili

Choreographer: Lana Shashviashvili, Giorgi Glakhoshvili

Musical Arrangement: Zura Gagloshvili


Luarsabi – Vano iantbelidze, Darejani – Manana Abramishvili, young Luarsab – Data Khunashvili, young Darejan – Mariam Maisuradze, Khoreshani – Eter Babilashvili, Elisabet - Nino Kurtanidze, Lamaziseuli – Nona Khumarashvili, Salmisgirsi ( worthy of greeting) – Lekso Tsinkverashvili-Razmadze, Housekeeper butler – Giorgi Gelashvili

About the Play:Telavi Vajha Pshavela Professional State Drama Theatre presents a new play Is he a human, this man?! by a famous Georgian writer Ilia Chavchavadze ( stage designer – Gizo Jhordania). Director Levan Tsuladze offers audience absolutely new version of a well-known princely couple’s way of life who lived in Georgia in the late 19th century. Its main idea is based on romantic love which is filled with human relations. It is worth pointing out that this is the concept of his directing.Critical realism which takes place in writer’s literary work has different emphasis in the play. The main focus is on the bright side of human nature and not on their weaknesses. Therefore, it can be said that almost all characters are kind in their own way and they only deserve empathy rather than criticism. Is a Mana Human?! is about love, which is supposed to extinct without fertility. Only love can be eternal.




MUseum of Colchian Culture

Zinaida Kverenchkhiladze Dmanisi ProfessionalState Drama Theatre

Artistic Director: Lasha Chkhvimiani

Director: Jumber Kopaliani

A Book of Wisdom and Lies

Author of Interpretation, Director and Musical Arangement: Tamar Khizanishvili

Stage Design: lika Pirtskhalava

Choreographer: Mako Kakhetelidze, Tamar Pirosmanashvili, Manana Tsintsadze


Mako Kakhetelidze, Eto Aleksishvili, ,Salome Kodelashvili, Tamar Pirosmanashvili, Manana Tsintsadze, Medea Akhaladze

About the Play: Play “A Book of Wisdom and Lies” is the interpretation of a great literary masterpiece with the same title, written by Georgian writer, diplomat, scientist, and statesman, Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani




Georgian State Hydrographic Service 

Giorgi Eristavi Gori ProfessionalState Drama Theatre

Artistic Director: Davit Chkhartishvili

Director: Gia Tsverava


Directed by: Ilia Korkashvili

Set Design: Keti Nadibaidze


Julie – Gvantsa Kandelaki, Jean– Amiran Kachibaia, Christine – Tekla Marjanishvili, Chorus – Kote Kakhishvili, Mariam Argutashvili, Nino Gochiashvili

About the Play: At a corporate party, daughter of a wealthy bourgeois, Julie, meets her father's chief security officer - Jean, and the story of a passionate love begins. One of the visitors at the party secretly shoots a video of Julie having sex with Jean and publishes the video on a social network. As a result, Julie is forced to leave the country, plans an escape with Jean and steals money from her father. But it turns out that Jean merely used her for his career and in the end he refuses to run away with her. Insulted and frustrated Julie commits suicide.




Maltakva forest-park

Giga Lortkipanidze Rustavi MunicipalTheatre

Artistic Director: Soso Nemsadze

Fernando Arrabal


Director, Choreographer andMusical Arrangement: Giorgi Osepashvili

Stage Design: Lomgul Murisidze


Shota Merkviladze, Zviad Dolidze, Khatuna Bokuchava, Maia Geliashvili, Ana Sharvadze, Leonti Shioshvili

About the Play: Picnic on the battlefield with son. Frighten boy who never used gun. He can’t image what is the war, because he is afraid of the shot and has never had a victim.This story is the source of my father's inspiration, how to save the world from war. It’s a marvelously simple solution and would work - except a machine gun suddenly silences them and their idea.The painful theme with the piece of humor




Poti House of Folklore

Senaki Akaki Khorava Professional State Drama Theatre

Artistic Director: Irakli Adamia

Director: Mamuka Barqaia

Dance with me tango

Author of Play: Nino MIrziashvilii

Director, Musical arrangement: Kakha Gogidze

Stage Design: Lela Peradze

Choreographer: Mamuka Meskhishvili


Neli-Tamuna Abshilava, Kote-lado kokaia, Giorgi-Tengiz Topuridze, Nato-Tako Kharchilava, Beqa-Giorgi Chanturia, Zaza-Zurab Zurabashvili, Naziko-Eka Koghua.

About the Play: Two love story: One of which is tens of years (Neli and Kote) and the second (, Nata and Beka) who are born only now.One of the two neighbors who are not familiar with each other will be forced to go to a big feeling and will be able to solve each other's problems.A Neli – a worn woman, a bit too distressed and frustrated because she could not look for her career, but happy, even because it's a good Georgian family. From time to time, her husband's carelessness, but it does not go into serious controversy. Attentive and respectful to othersLove, senseless sketching, stripes, jerks and comic situations full of scenesThe history of Beka and Natuka reminds the history of Neli's love and that is why the new Georgian family is immediately created by its soon initiative and participation.




Poti House of Folklore

Khulo Professional State Drama Theater

Artistic Director: Roin Surmanidze

Director: Guram Abuladze

T. Jujenoglui


Directed By: Irakli Gogia, Otar Khatamadze, Roman Shidlovsky. Maksym kozolup, Irada Gozalova

Stage Design: Marika Kvachadze


Guram Tavartkiladze,Ednar Bolkvadze; Makhvala Meladze; Ramaz Bolkhvadze; Nino Kartsivadze; Lasha Abuladze; Gvantsa Beshkenadze

About the Play: The Mountain Problem, Silence, Fear, Everything can happen.




Hotel Andamati

Comedia dell' arte in Georgia

Kings law

Free adaptation of William Shakespeare's play "Loves Labour's lost"

Translate by: Irina Bagauri

Author of Adaptation and Director: Claudio de Maglio


Temo Phirtskhalaishili, Lia Gogidze, Giorgi Chachanidze, Mariam Argutashvili, Jano izoria, Nino Abesadze, Shota Tsuladze, Tata Tatarashvili, Gaga Makhatadze, Nana Isiani

Claudio de Maglio - Actor, director and playwright Claudio de Maglio is the Rector of the “Nico Pepe” Civic Academy of Dramatic Arts, Udine. He has studied with prominent theatre stars such as Eduardo De Filippo, Elvin Nicolas, Caroline Carlson and many others. He works on different aspects of theatrical art. He is the founder of Teatro all'Aria. He actively manages performances, master classes and seminars in many theaters and academies around the world such as The International Academy of Performing Arts in Versailles, Vakhtangov Theatre in Moscow, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Roman Dance Theatre, International School of Theatre Anthropology (ISTA) founded by Eugenio Barba, etc. He often participates in international festivals with his Troup. One of the main topics of his research is the art of Italian masks – Commedia dell’arte.





Ozurgeti Alexander Tsutsunava StateProfessional Drama Theater

Artistic Director: Vasil Chigogidze

Director: Zaza JIncharadze


Author of Play: Tamar Bartaia

Directed by: Vasil Chigogidze

Editor: Vakhtang Chkhartishvili

Stage Design: Gia Gvichia

Choreographer: Marika Kveitatia

Musical Arrangement: Goga Makharadze


Vakhtang Chkhartishvili, Mari Khantadze

About the Play: The incident happened in young years wholly changes the fortune of two persons. We actually follow to their parallel life during half century – the way passed by two artists, two starts from their young age till the elderly, which is partly hardest history of their country based on real facts. Actor and mezzo soprano woman with the nostalgia of emigrant are fully invovled this chaos, the motherland seen from insight and outsight, with its pain, joy and anomalies, revised passed way and revised values, failed history of failed love, which became main acting power for both of them . They their ways have crossed at several few times, but spiritual connection among them hasn`t any time and space.The woman recognises the fact that he has always been her true love, but after the man realises that she is the woman he was looking for all his life, before he dies.





Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili ProfessionalState Drama Theatre

Aristic Director: Kote Abashidze

Director: Sulkhan Gogolashvili


Comic phantasmagoria in two acts

Directed by: Kote Abashidze

Stage Design: Aivengo Chelidze

Costume Design: Teo Kukhianidze

Choreographer: Giorgi Barbakadze

Composer: Giorgi Chlaidze


Karl Friedrich Hieronymusvon Munchausen–David Roinishvili Jacobine von Dunten–Marika Samanishvili (Honored Artist of Georgia). Burgomeister–Zviad Svanadze, Martha–Nino Choladze, Heinrich Ramkof–Rezi Karosanidze, Theo–Aleksandre Purtskhvanidze, Pastor–Sulkhan Gogolashvili, Thomas - Ioane (Tornike) Imedadze, Judge–Elza Suladze

About the Play: Munchausen is a kind of baron, whose heroic feats are known all over the world… He is an impersonation of all the “first” people, who died for The Idea, whom the society “stigmatizes as a stranger”, makes fun of them, takes usuriously and sometimes gets even in the cruelest way.Munchausen is definitely needed in every time and epoch





Batumi Puppet and Youth Professional State Theater

Artistic Director: Giorgi Chkhaidze

Director: Temur Makharadze

WIliam Shakespeare


         II act

Directed by: Nika Chikvaidze

Set Design: Giorgi Chkhaidze

Costume Design: Marine Prangishvili

Choreographer: Maia Dumbadze

Musical Arrangement: Irma Gogelia

Author of the songs text: Dali Tedoradze


Juliet – Sophio Tsintsadze, Salome Dolidze, Romeo – Giorgi Arveladze, Montagues – Ia Gogiberidze, Tamaz Chakhvadze, Capulets – Eka Gvaramia, Koba Patsuria, The nurse – Nino davitashvili, Benvolio – Aleksandre Gabaidze, Tybalt – Anri Chagunava, Mercutio – Mindia Chokharadze, Gregory – Revaz Khoperia, Sampson – Mikheil Cheishvili, Count Paris – Vano Maglakelidze, Priest – Levan Medilishi, Street Musician – Marine Buleishvili, Janitor - Irma Mgeladze

About the Play:The action of William Shakespeare's immortal play shifts from Verona to modern streets, whereyouth delinquency is rampant. Times change, people change, but the history remains the same. Classical music is replaced by electronic music. Romeo and Juliet's meeting place is a modern night club. The place becomes fatal for the characters. The performance is a commentary on the club euphoria of our times. Modern "Romeo and Juliet" considers problems with humor, but the fascinating and eccentric narrative leads to the same outcome, the causes of the tragedy are still acute and relevant in the 21st century.





Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze ProfessionalState Drama Theatre

Artistic Director: Andro Enukidze

Director: Otar Kalandadze


Author of the Play: Nino Sadgobelashvili

Directed by: Giorgi Sikharulidze

Stage Design: Teo Kukhianidze

Musical Arrangement: Nino Sikharulidze


Edith Piaf – Maia Tsetskhladze, Edith’s father – Abel Soselia (Actor of Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili State Drama Theatre), Theo – Tite Komakhidze, Doctor Rober – Kakha Kobaladze, Daniela- Keti Egutidze, Marcel Duponom – Zaal Goguadze, Claude Debua – Dato Jakeli, Rene Amber – Mamuka Manjgaladze

About the Play: Nino Sadgobelashvili’s play is about Edith Piaf’s last days. Legendary French singer’s psychological condition equally reflects ghosts and real people. It tells us about her biography, destiny and life. The director Giorgi Sikharulidze did the right choice, when he decided to stage this play on the “New Stage” of Batumi. Edith Piaf is the singer, whose life will always be interestingfor the audience every time.




Hydro Melioration Technical School

Poti Valerian Gunia Professional State Theatre

Director: Tengiz Khukhia


Author of Play, Musical arrangement: Davit Khorbaladze

Directed by, Stage Design:Mikheil Charkviani


Niara Chichinadze, Nodar Bzhalava, Ramin Kilasonia, Giorgi Surmava, Gena Shonia

About the Play:"Dead Cities" by David Khorbaladze is a play based on the documentary materials and interviews, that narrates about dying cities by the examples of Pompeii, Oradour-Sur-Glane, Pripyat (Chernobyl), Detroit and Neftegorsk.As one of the oldest nations, we are in danger of destroying. The process of destroying has already begun long ago and like all the oldest cities we are coming closer to the final as well. What can speed up, extend or even stop this process at all? Do we want to survive? Or do we feel so tired that can't even wait to put an end to our non-functioning existence? What is the mother of this extremely long immobility and inactivity? Can we survive unlike the cities that have already become ghosts and don’t have any signs of life? Who's goi ng to assume all these? Do we have to believe in national heroes?"Dead Cities" represents the tries of answering all above mentioned and many other questions. The performance itself is a research of people and cities that enhances the marks of death.