Maltakva Beach 

Orzu Arts Theatre Company

London / UK

Artistic Director: Yuldosh Juraboev

Seneka, Evripid, H. Mueller

“Medea, the Outcast”

Author of Adaptation, Director, Stage and Costumes Design: Ovlyakuli Khodjakuli

Choreography: Sibylla Meienberg / Ovlyakuli Khodjakuli


Sibylla Meienberg

Creative list:Ovlyakuli Khodjakuli / Yuldosh Juraboev

About The Play:This piece draws on ancient Greek stories by Euripides & Seneca, and on modern author Heiner Mueller.The setting is an abandoned and desolate border area.Medea, expelled, outcast and aggrieved stands at the gates of Creon's palace. She awaits news of Jason, grinding her life and fate on the millstone of her memory. She has lost everything except her painfully obsessive love. Caught between the past and the present, between reality, illusion, and madness, she struggles to recall what has befallen her. She is overwhelmed by painful memories, tortured by excruciating and toxic passions and feels drawn ever closer to wicked deeds that terrify her. She imagines all the impending horrors of exile, recoiling with dread at every possible decision, every possible outcome. In her mind’s eye, she looks into the face of each of her loved ones and struggles in desperation to hold herself back from atrocious and irreversible crimes.

Reviews:a memorable and intense experience’ – London Pub Theatres Outstanding. - SEE “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is a phrase that embodies all that Euripides’ Medea stands for. - London Theatre Reviews.

“mind blowing performance” From audience




Poti Centre of Folklore

Independent project

Kiev / Ukraine

Producer: Zarina Archakova

A. Rubinovas

Play after the Play

Director: Alexander Katunin, Valeriy Chyglyayev

Stage design: Valeriy Chyglyayev

Costumes design: Valeriy Chyglyayev

Composer/Music /Music selection: Dominic Frontiere / Southern Belle, Bits & Pieces


Valeriy ChiglyaevAbout the Play: Valeriy Chiglyaev is an actor, director, producer, laureate of 21 international theater festival. Mozart's play, Othello, Shvejk, played in plays by Chekhov, Pushkin, Shakespeare, Brecht, Sophocles in Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Cardiff, San Jose (Costa Rica ), New York, New Jersey, Dallas, Cairo, OdenseThis recognition of the actor "after the play"The action is built in such a way that the audience involuntarily joins the game, becoming actors for a while. The actor returns to the role of Shakespeare




Poti Centre of Folklore



Director: Jerzy Makselon

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt



Stage design: MAREK MIKULSKI

Costumes design: MAREK MIKULSKI


Anna Konieczna, Danuta Lewandowska, Jolanta Niestrój-Malisz, Renata Spinek, Grzegorz Cinkowski, Jaroslaw Karpuk, Jakub Piwowarczyk, MarianWishniewski, Julia Kuzber / Anna Nowak

About the Play: Is it possible to imagine a world more peculiar, more hermetic than the one that is happening in the head of an adolescent girl? After returning from the camp in Auschwitz, Otto Frank, the only survivor of the Jewish community hiding in a shared apartment, discovers the secret journal of a teenage daughter. Otto meets Anna, whom he did not know, rebellious against the mother's dryness, maturing to be a woman; he meets himself and his relatives again. Is it possible to imagine a more peculiar, more hermetic world than the world condemned to inaction, unwilling to accept the horror of the adult annihilation, digesting years of family and social rituals debating endlessly about letting go of winds due to the excess of eaten beans and the superiority of a soldier in a German uniform from the beauty of a soldier in an English uniform? Otto struggles with Anna's notes more and more, searching for them - most often in vain - to trace her own influence on her daughter's maturation. Wandering among the mass of disappointments, broken tracks and lost opportunities, he comes up with a salutary idea of what else he can do to save the seemingly lost time.




Poti Centre of Folklore

Aura group

Tehran/ Iran


Director: Nazanin nanaValajam

Stage design: M.RezaValajam

Costumes design: M.RezaValajam

Composer/Music /Music selection: The play Composer is FarshadPasdar

Choreography: Nazanin nana Valajam


Nazanin Nana Valajam- SimaKahaki- AlirezaBahramizadeh

Creative list: Nana Valajam-NimaHoseinzadeh-SimaKahaki-MahyarGhorbanchian

play to show a connection between man & woman (a couple) through their soul, mind and body… a relation that can slave or set you free.This play will define tree human layers (soul, mind and the body). Maybe someone can free itself and learn the true meaning of growth in relationship and the other one can copy its partner.This Performance has a communication language that expresses itself through dance but it’s also inspired by ancient Iranian ritual